Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

All jewelry on sale is hand made of pure silver. In the composition of the silver that is used for making jewelry, there are no add-ins that could cause allergic reactions.
If in jewelry that is in sales doesn’t have your size or you want jewelry with different details, for example. otherwise the hook on earrings, we can easily make such a piece of jewelry.
Can be made and a piece of jewelry of your choice and the idea. It is necessary to describe the look of it with a detailed description of every detail in order to be able to make jewelry that exactly matches your preference. You can send by e-mail a picure of such jevelery (if it’s piece of a jewelery that’s already finished) or drawing of a desired look of jewelry with selected details, dimensions and size. The ordered jewelry, depending on the model, can be finished in a few days. The price of the jewelry can be known since jewelry is finished because the price depends on the weight.

Selected jewelry may be paid by payment to account number:

For customers from Croatia:

THE RECIPIENT (NAME):             J.M. DESIGN j.d.o.o.
ACCOUNT NUMBER (IBAN):     HR7025030071148001225

For customers who are not from Croatia:

SWIFT:                                            VBCRHR22
BANK:                                             SBERBANK D.D., VARŠAVSKA 9, ZAGREB
ACCOUNT NUMBER (IBAN):      HR7025030071148001225
THE RECIPIENT (NAME):             J.M.DESIGN j.d.o.o.

Purchased jewelry, according to the choice of the customer, may be sent by regular mail, or the quick mail. The cost of postage buyer pays on delivery.